Lockdown & Virtual Social Gatherings

Dreaming and thinking big in lockdown.

The past 8 weeks have been unlike any other. Submit post. Roll the credits. The end.

Ok, I guess we have more to say than that. We’ve been scared, sad, angy, lonely, and lost (to name a few of the emotions I go through each hour). We’ve also been having a surprising amount of realizations and discoveries. It’s been uncomfortable. It’s been interesting. It’s been sobering. It’s been confusiong. Surprisingly to me, it has also been hopeful.

How terribly uncomfortable to feel all these contrasting emotions, like a painting of neon and pastels and rustic tones all in one.

As I navigate each hour-no minute-of emotions, I am deeply comforted to know I am not alone. Don’t worry, I’m social distancing! But metaphorically, I am not alone. I am reminded nearly every day, my experience however wild and strange is a shared experience I am going through with the world.

Where does pilates come into play. I mentioned sadness, and how does the quote go “endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don’t kill their husbands….” something like that. Of course, pilates has been a great source of endorphins for me and I am sure many others. I like mat pilates a lot. I am blessed to have access to a reformer and a tower. However, working out by myself doesn’t give me half the experience that working out with a teacher live does. Seeing other friends on screen or meeting new friends is part of my social life now-who am I kidding, it IS my social life now! Connection is the lifeline I have been clinging to during this difficult time, and since I connect through my social life aka my pilates life, I have been clinging to pilates.