One day we went to work, the next day we didn’t….

With the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown came a lot of emotions. A lot scrambling. A lot of change. Even pilates changed….and it’s still changing. We miss our studios. We really miss the people in those studios. Don’t get us started on how much we are missing having access to a reformer!


As studios shut down, some jumped into holding virtual classes right away. A studio I work for in NYC was one of them There were growing pains. There was down right resistance and even fear! But there was also connection! Life giving, inspiring, much needed connection! I was so inspired by the reception to the online offerings, I jumped right into sharing pilates on other platforms. The reaction was wonderful. So much appreciation. So much energy.

I was floored by the irony-how we could be so isolate physically and yet be able to connect in such a profound way.

It didn’t feel the same as teaching in the studio, but it did feel good. I was sharing pilates and that gift now seemed even more valuable.

I think we all realize how important human connection is. Don’t get me wrong, I cant wait to get back into the studio. Being in the same space as other humans is pretty awesome. Still, any connection is better than none! I’ve been so thankful for my virtual pilates classes not to mention my amazing students. Though virtual pilates doesn’t seem to be for everyone-especially during this difficult time-I do think virtual pilates is an incredible way to hold space, to push and encourage, to reconnect and catch up, and to supplement our practice even when we ARE able ot get back into the studios.

In those busier times of year, it would have be awesome to be able to work out from home with my favorite pilates teachers and my friends from class. Saving time and stying in my pjs a little longer could have made all the difference during those times. Maybe the parents who are now homeschooling full time could use a 30 min workout between math and history lessons. Maybe the busy musician needs to keep practicing a few more hours, but could put down the instrument for a few minutes to take a class and then hop right back into their practice without losing anytime traveling back and forth! After long hours at a restaurant job, I doubt many waiters want to go to work out before getting home and putting their feet up. How great to get to connect and do pilates from home!

I am so excited by this realization that has come out of necessity. We can make virtual pilates and virtual connection a reality. It’s not a virtual pilates community. It’s a pilates community. And I would love for you to join me.

Stay tuned for more blog posts and follow us on instagram & facebook to keep up with what we’re planning. If we can support you in any way during this difficult time, please don’t hesitate to reach out.