Student Shoutouts! Episode #1: Daisy

We’re just shy of 2 months of being an up and running online pilates business, and we can’t help but want to celebrate some of our subscribing members. These women are founding members of a truly special community. We really couldn’t ask for better people to set the tone for what we want the collective to be all about.

First up, is Daisy!! Daisy deserves many shoutouts, but first we have to commend her for completing over 80 classes in less than 2 months!! What an achievement! We thought it would be fun to share a bit about this fabulous human who does pilates with us, so we asked her some questions:

1. Where are you from & what do you do? Iā€™m from Silver Spring & I am a wardrobe supervisor at Shakespeare Theatre Company @shakespearindc

2. Fav #pilatesexercise ? I’m a fan of bridges and rolling like a ball!

3. How did you find #pilates? I came to pilates through #dance and taking some classes in college. But was away for it for some time until I found Pilates Core Collective! I was excited to jump back in and ground myself through pilates while there is so much uncertainty in the world right now. šŸ’œ

4. If you could impart 1 thing to someone who has never taken a pilates class, what would it be? Keep at it and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Chances are someone is feeling the same way you do or you’ll find out whatever you are dealing with is super common. šŸ’œ

5. What are you listening to? I listen to a lot of #Lizzo and #PanicattheDisco

6. Favorite Hobby? I enjoy snuggling my cat Annika, playing games, and of course pilates!

7. Favorite animal? #Elephants! šŸ˜

8. There’s no pandemic and you can travel anywhere in the world all expenses paid-where do you go? I’ve always wanted to go to #Iceland! But I also love amusement parks and am super sad I can’t go to one right now.

9. What is some art that has moved you recently? I am loving a specific artist’s work I’ve found on Instagram named Adrian Brandon. He draws unfinished portraits primarily of victims of racially charged murder and colors the portrait for as many minutes as they were years old when they passed. It’s incredibly moving and also just so beautifully done. I hope one day they are in a museum. His insta is @ayy.bee and these #portraits are part of his stolen series.

Leave it to this woman to give a shoutout to another human in her own shoutout! That’s just the kind of gal Daisy is.

We love doing pilates with you, Daisy, and look forward to every time we see you in class. Thank you for bringing your amazing energy and compassionate spirit to Pilates Core Collective!

Stay tuned for our next student shoutout…..