Shoutout #3: Mandy & Liz

Friends since college and now pilates buddies. Meet Mandy & Liz!

Long distance and a pandemic has nothing on this friendship. It doesn’t take long to realize their friendship is something special. With one in NY and the other in MD, they’ve been working out together through our online pilates classes. It has been an absolute joy having both these strong women join us as founding members and to be part of their pilates journeys.

Get to know these two a bit with their mini interview below and join them in a group class-you can usually catch them in the mornings! Plus some amazing pictures from then and now.

1. What made you start or how did you discover pilates?

: A recommendation from my trainer at the gym to supplement weight training.
Liz: I had been looking for an exercise routine that would be kind to my back.  I was “complaining” to Mandy on a “Reunion Zoom” during quarantine…and she suggested I try a class that Kate was giving for free the next day.  After one session, I was hooked!  The workouts are very challenging, and my back feels great!  

2. What is your favorite pilates exercise lately?

: Mermaid! My back is so tight from sitting at a desk. The twist feels so good!
Liz: I’m a big fan of Criss Cross.  I feel so many different parts of my body working together!  I have to also say I love the pigeon stretch.  My back always appreciates that one.  

3. How did you meet/become friends?

Mandy: Spanish class, freshman year of college. (Liz, did I get the class right?)
Liz: Freshman year, first semester, Mandy and I had the same 2 classes back to back .  I believe we did meet in Spanish and wandered together to Western Civilization when we realized we were together again.  

We can’t help but smile every time we have these women together in class! We would like to think reading this blog post and getting to know them a bit has put a smile on your face as well.

Liz and Mandy, we hope this shoutout makes you feel a fraction of our appreciation and admiration.

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