Our Mission 

Pilates Core Collective is a virtual Pilates studio for everybody. Our mission is to foster an inclusive and holistic community that supports a thoughtful and open exchange of ideas amongst both teachers and students.

Abby Middleton


Abby’s love of pilates has been steadily growing for the past 10 years since she and her dad/work-out-buddy discovered their neighborhood studio. She quickly noticed this work out was about more than simply a fit body. The mind-body connection, strengthening and lengthening, core stability, and breath control are still some of her favorite benefits of the pilates method. Pilates quickly became her #1 form of exercise.

Abby was inspired to finally pursue her dream of being an instructor, and completed her comprehensive teacher training so that pilates could have its rightful place as a top priority in her life. She loves sharing pilates with her clients and hopes they always leave each session feeling better than when they came.

Abby is a graduate of the Eastman School of Music where she achieved her bachelors in Voice. She is endlessly fascinated with the ways pilates can be used to train musicians especially singers. When not in the studio, Abby can be found snuggling her puggle (pug-beagle mix), on the stage in a musical, galavanting in NYC with her friends and family, or she might still be in the studio and you just didn’t look hard enough.

Kate Love


Kate was a competitive swimmer when she was younger.  She started Ballet dance as a cross-training mechanism for swimming and loved it.  Eventually, she left competitive swimming for competitive dance.  She danced all throughout middle and high school.  During her later years in high school, she was introduced to Pilates as a form of cross-training for dance.  After a severe ankle injury, she used Pilates to build strength and rehabilitate her body.  This is when she fell in love with Pilates and realized what a vital form of movement it is for people, whether they’re struggling with physical limitations or not.  She went on to major in Dance Performance at Florida State University where she continued her Pilates training in tandem with her study of anatomy, kinesiology, and dance.  She graduated in 2015 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance.  Since then, she has completed her 500 hour, comprehensive certification through Club Pilates and has been an instructor for two years.  She has a specified knowledge and interest in using Pilates to rehabilitate injuries and manage chronic disease.