We believe teaching pilates doesn’t have to be a “solo sport”. 

As pilates instructors always striving to better our craft, we have found ourselves yearning for resources that often don’t exist (or frankly are too expensive! 

All our instructor events are currently either free or donation based. We know times are tough at the moment and appreciate you finding time to get involved with the Pilates Core Collective community!

While some events are completely free, for other events we only ask that you make a small donation toward the overhead cost of the event so we can continue to offer more things like this in the future! The minimum requirement for entry is $1.00 but you are welcome to donate as much as you think the event is worth. 

No matter what, we are so happy you’re here and getting involved. See you soon! 

Instructor Gatherings

This is one of our favorite things. Instructor Gatherings are offered as often as possible. We meet and greet, take a short 20-30min pilates class taught by one of the attendees, reflect on the class and then open the floor for discussion on relevant pilates topics. Really anything on your mind is fair game, but some meetings have a chosen topic ahead of time.

Instructors from all of the world have been in attendance. We’d love to have you too. Give it a try and get in touch with your fellow pilates instructors around the globe!

Dr. Stephanie Lievense PT, DPT, OCS

We are pleased to have Dr. Lievense join us for two events this July. The first is a Webinar format Q&A. The event will take place live on July 20th at 4pm (EST). We will primarily cover topics surrounding the intricacies around physical therapy and pilates collaborations, but we will also cater to your specific questions!

Sign up today and receive a link to submit your questions!

That same week, Dr. Lievense, who is also an endurance athlete #IronWoman, will lead a pop-up class on post workout recovery. We’d love to have you at this event. Please, invite any pilates students or athletes of any kind that would benefit from these techniques.