We believe teaching pilates doesn’t have to be a “solo sport”.

As pilates instructors always striving to better our craft, we have found ourselves yearning for resources that don’t exist (or frankly are too expensive!) so we decided to provide them ourselves!


This is one of our favorite things. Instructor Gatherings are offered twice a month. We meet and greet, take a 25 min pilates class taught by one of the attendees, reflect on the class and then open the floor for discussion on relevant pilates topics. Really anything on your mind is fair game, but we’ll always have some prompting questions and topics ready to get the conversation going.

Instructors from all of the world have been in attendance. We’d love to have you too. Give it a try-there’s no commitment.

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Pilates might be a “solo sport,” but teaching pilates shouldn’t have to be!

-Pilates Core Collective