Group Classes

We offer a variety of group classes for any level as well as some advanced pilates classes for you more seasoned students! You’ll get a personalized pilates flow with live attention from one of our certified pilates instructor. We offer a variety of class formats all with a pilates basis. Try them all! Classes start as low as $10.

Packages and Subscriptions also offered!

Modification Consult

Do you know you have a condition and should be monitoring your movement, but aren’t sure how? Some moves are just too hard, but you’re getting bored of Child’s Pose. What else could you do? Schedule a consultation with us and we will create a comprehensive guide for your pilates practice.

Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Private lessons are one of the best ways to refuel your passion for pilates-or to just get comfortable with the basics before jumping into a group class! We know the value of one on one instruction. Your private instructor can introduce you to new moves and levels, give you a personalized work out that keeps you safe while recovering from an injury, and more. Abby and Kate are both comprehensively certified, so whether you want a mat private or you have your own equipment at home, our instructors can accommodate! Mat, Reformer, Barrel, Spine Corrector, Tower, Chair, etc. We love it all! Plus we are trained in TRX, trigger point, and barre functional movement as well.

More Offerings Coming Soon!

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